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Hello Thailand!

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Here I am : Thailand, the smiling country.

It's kind of a culture choc after India. Covering your legs and shoulders doesn't seems the priority of ladies here. But who can blame them it's terribly hot.

So 5 days in Bangkok, this city is just fun :) It's a mix between its brand modern metro and it's culturel heritage. Huge malls and gorgeous temples.

I visited some Wat (temples), took a boat on the river, had great street food, enjoy chinese new year in Chinatown, made some shopping in the open weekend marquet and met people from all over the world for a drink and a Thai massage (hard but good...)


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Last day in India!

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I left Pondicherry the morning by bus, heading toward the big Chennai. I had my last Indian adventures with local buses and the challenge of finding a cloak room. A big walk in the city and an hour of train later, I was in the airport spending my last rupees.




Strange feeling leaving India. I was really getting use to this country of paradoxes. The richness of its culture and architecture against the poverty of a large part of its population. Golden temple and tire mark in cow dung. Beautiful women in their colorful saris bare feet in the dust.

Thali, dosa, lassi, dal, chapati, massala chai, aloo gobi, porotta... bye bye to all this food.

I've been lucky to meet Indian people who opened their home to me and with whom I shared wonderful moments. I also met some good fellow travelers, nice talks and great fun.

I haven't seen everything for sure but I had a good overall view of this continent size country, its warm people and its wonders.

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Piece of France?

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Well 'Pondy' is much more Indian than French lol. But there is something different with its large straight streets. The trees everywhere. The yellow houses. The colorful cathedrals. A romantic place indeed.




Last meeting with Milim and a good dinner.

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An other temple city : Tiruvanamalai (not easy to pronounce with the Indian accent).
Same kind of temple as Madurai but with no color.


At the back there is an old volcano, pilgrims walk 14km bare feet to see the big flame at the top the night of full moons. I'm not that devoted...

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After my last night train in India : Madurai. The main attraction is its beautiful, colorful and busy temple.


The market around the temple was really nice and fun to walk in. The food is still spicy!


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