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In Daegu, I've been hosted by Suh, a really friendy korean girl.We had nice food and funny dancing moments in a Wii room. Then, with some of her friends, we partied (hard) with a few cocktails, a lot of Soju beer, to much Samgyeupsal and some other dance moves!


The day after I had a lot more quiet day in a beautiful temple in Haein Sa.


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Near Andong there is a Unesco World Heritage site call the Hahoe village. Well conserved and partly rebuild, this place makes you feel like you are in an other century.


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Close to Samcheok there is a peacefull park near the sea full of phallus statues. I couldn't miss that so I went!
The legend says that a virgin girl drown into the sea and hanted the area, preventing fishing. So to calm the poor girl, people decided to offer huge penis statues.


The day after was hiking again on top of a small mountain to see the biggest caves of Asia! Hwanseongul cave was huge, like you can build a cathedral inside. It was full of stairs and small bridges with little funny lights. I walked inside for more than an hour! I enjoyed myself like a kid. Sorry but the pictures don't really show the beauty of the place.


And something great happened :


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I was lucky to be hosted by Youngmi. We shared exquisite food, nice chitchat and a nice walk around the lake and the seafront. She introduced me to Zac (an americam english teacher) and Suri an other couchsurfer. I really had a great time with them :D


I visited a sort of outdoor museum about the korean war.


Korean chicken before and after cooking :

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Sokcho is between the sea and the mountain. I enjoy the sight of the east sea (sea of japan) and had a long hike for the breathtaking view of snowy peaks and lovely rivers.


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