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Back to the main land!

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The afternoon in the ferry back to Mokpo. A night in a cheap motel. And here is Gwangju, a city of art.

I spent some time with 2 korean girls I met in Jeju-do. We even made some artistic stuff lol


And I visited the historical and the modern museums. Boring pictures, anyway.


The best was a really funny traditional show I saw!

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South of Jeju-do, the second largest city of the island : Seogwipo.

Beautiful walk along the cost, with its natural and build wonders:


I visited a funny museum full of optical effect paintings.


I went on top of the highest peak in South Korea : Hallasan. 8 hours up and down, 1950m high, 1200m elevation gain. A little bit tiring :P


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East of Jeju-do, Seongsan is a fishing village, where many tourists come to hike on top of the famous old volcano : Ilchulbong.

On my way there I stopped to visit the lava tube of Manjanggul:


I woke up at 4.45am to see the sunrise from Ilchulbong.


Then I saw the Grandmother diver. They are in good shape!


And to complete this tough day, I hike on one of the Olle trails of the island.


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Jeju city

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So after 4H30 of ferry I arrived in Jeju-Do, this 70km large island, 85km south of South Korea. The weather is warmer and you can even see palm trees everywhere.

My first stay was in Jeju city.

I enjoyed the sunset along the cost :


I spend the next day in the Stone park :


And then the beach and the an arboretum. All of this in a beautiful weather.


There is a spring on the beach and 2 colors of sand that don't really mixe!


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Nothing special in Mokpo except the ferry port to Jeju-do.


Look what I've been through :


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